In December 2011, David Justus was declared “Officially Amazing” by Guinness World Records. On June 11 that year, he organized and led a community effort to raise awareness for children with cancer by setting a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest lemonade stand – a lengthy 2,614’ 2”. Thus, his affectionate nickname “Lemonade Dave.”


Lemonade Dave Justus

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Guinness World Record Holder, Lemonade Dave Justus –Motivational Speaker,

Life/Business Coach, and Author

As a two-time cancer survivor, Lemonade Dave attributes his optimistic outlook to being given a second chance on life. Today, he is on a three-fold mission to help one million reach their potential:

Motivational Speaker:

High energy, Lemonade Dave’s presentation, “Officially Amazing!  How to Use the Secret Behind Guinness World Records to Live an Extraordinary Life,” has been called, “a breath of fresh air” because it is informative, interactive and fun. More importantly, the message will inspire you to become everything you are capable of becoming!

Life/Business Coach:

A source of motivation and inspiration, Lemonade Dave’s coaching gives you the guidance you need to reach your full potential. He is a remarkable strategist that will help you reach your goals in an effective and meaningful way.


Lemonade Dave’s captivating writing style can be found in each of the five books he has written: Charlie’s Cancer Rescue (AuthorHouse, 2004); Become a Touchdown Dad (NCU Publishing, 2008); The Lemonade Stand (NCU Publishing, 2009); Home Sellers Secrets (NCU Publishing, 2011); and The 45-Minute Work Hour (NCU Publishing, 2014). His newest book, “Reach My Potential: How to Make Your Life Extraordinary” is due to be released in the fall of 2018.


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